Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Missy Daniel

This story is one of my personal favorites. I have told this story, and retold it  for over thirty years. But that being said, it turns out this story is difficult to write. The reason being that it makes no sense unless you know the people involved. So permit me to start at the beginning, and introduce the people who have been in my life for a long time.

You see, this story goes way back to when I was dating my wife. Like everyone else who is dating, you get introduced to each others family. Jan was introduced to mine, and me to hers. All went well. My family liked Jan, and her family liked me.

Except for one person. One four year old little girl. Little Missy Daniel. She, as it was plainly apparent, wanted nothing to do with me. In fact, it would have been just fine with her if I left and never returned, ever.

She  hated me, for I was "stealing her Jan," as she later told me, and she was not going to help one little bit.

I could see that this was not going to be solved with any regular ordinary bribe. No sirree. Candy bars, cokes, and picnic baskets were not going to work on Little Missy Daniel.

I was going to need something big. Something special. Something... Disney! And  it just so happened that a Walt Disney movie was playing in theaters right then.

So we loaded her up and off we went to the movies.  Bought our tickets and sat down. Little Missy Daniel was not near as excited as I was thinking she should be. I mean this was Disney for pete's sake. She should have been dancing, singing praises to me, hugging  my neck, and displaying all kinds of joyousness! But nope, not Little Missy Daniel. She  not only looked the other way, she made no effort to talk to me. None. So while my future bride-to-be was off buying popcorn, I decided to seize the opportunity. I scooted over to the seat beside her and...

"Have you seen this movie?" I asked. Nothing. I could almost hear her sigh.

"Do you like Disney movies?" I asked again. Nothing. I could just imagine her response as "dude, pullleezzzz."

"What do you think the movie's about?" I asked again. But this time her head turned. Slowly she looked up at me. I could see she was going to talk.

Finally! I got through! Yes! The last family hold out is going to like me! Thank you Disney!

"I hope you know that's Jan's seat!" she exclaimed with authority no four year old should ever have.

Yep, smacked down right there by the four year old Little Missy Daniel. Well, some battles you soon learn you are just not going to win, Disney bribe or not. I scooted back over and waited for the popcorn and the movie.

Well Little Missy Daniel later on turned into a really nice grown-up lady that goes by Melissa now. She works really hard as a paramedic. She seems to have her life together, and I respect and admire her a lot.

She is also one of my favorite people (I have many) in this world, and I'm guessing that I'm not too far from the top on her favorite people list either. Believe it or not, we get along really well.

I guess it took a while for the Disney movie to have an effect.

P.S.  Melissa, when I get old and need someone to take me to the movies; you owe me a Disney movie.

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